For controlling signals and accessories in the Dinamo system, the OM32_de was developed. This module is also usable with digital systems other than Dinamo, but only when your controlling software supports it (e.g. Koploper or Rocrail).

The OC32 is the successor of the popular OM32serial and has even more features. For example, the OC32 has a function to control servo motors directly. You can also install "sourcedrivers" on the OC32 with which items that require a positive voltage can be controlled directly. You can also control bidirectional dc-motors directly. The OC32 has a very powerful processor with which even more future functionality will be realized. The processor is adapted with a "bootloader". That means that you can easily supply your module with software updates and upgrades, so you don't have to wait till new functions arrive when considering procurement or installation of the unit. As soon as new functions are available, you can easily add them. Extensive information about the OC32 you can find at the website of VPEB.

This DinamoUsers portal offers additional information and support about the use of the OC32

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